by Bret StuterRambin’ Fan

The LA Rams’ offensive line has been an area of great concern for the team and fans so far this season. But with the number of injuries to this group, and the number of different versions of the offensive line, a record of 3-4 is actually not bad. Let’s put it this way. The different iterations of the LA Rams’ starting offensive line are almost as numerous as the entire nine-movie series of Star Wars.

That’s . . . quite a few.

And that explains why this offensive line has struggled. Not only have the number of injuries exhausted the number of players, have forced the Rams to start players in unfamiliar positions, but the group has virtually no history of playing together.

That inconsistency has plagued the Rams’ offense all season, and is a far greater challenge to the team right now than the performance of any individual player, to a point.  Right now, the LA Rams offensive line appears to have hit some form of bedrock. The latest iteration of Alaric Jackson, Bobby Evans, Brian Allen, Oday Aboushi, and Rob Havenstein held up fairly well in Week 8.

Well, all but left guard Bobby Evans. Evans has played at the left guard position and has yet to show up in a big way.  Right now, that is problematic for the entire offense. He has struggled to hold his ground with a bull rush:

And at other times, he seems to get confused over who is his blocking assignment, and that allows rushing lanes to open up for defenders.

The problem is not solely on the shoulders of OL Bobby Evans. He is an offensive tackle by trade, and he has demonstrated far greater proficiency at blocking at the tackle position. But with so many players falling to injury, he was promoted more out of necessity than proficiency, and he has performed poorly at left guard so far.

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