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by Bret Stuter | Rambin’ Fan

There is a lot of chatter among LA Rams fans right now on social media. The reason? The recent visit of FA ILB Bobby Wagner was described as ‘mutual interest to do a deal.’ Some have stated that they are all ‘stressed out’ about it. Is that just the recent trend of being overly dramatic about everything? Or are some fans truly stressed out about a free agent signing that may or may not happen?

Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? For the LA Rams, many of their free agents seem to think so, particularly when that green on the other side of the fence is stacks of cash. The LA Rams, deflate the hopes of fans annually during each free agency period, almost like a premium All-Weather radial tire with a slow leak. The roster seems depleted and deflated. The Rams lose far more players who sign elsewhere than signing new faces to the roster. That opens the concern for whether or not it will get the team where it wants to go.

Hey, hang in there. We know that the roster feels out of balance this time of year. Ultimately, the front office will mortar the gaps in the roster through the draft and signing high-quality but undrafted free-agent rookies. Right now, the Rams roster is more about farewells than welcome aboard.

Earnestly looking forward to Ernest Jones in 2022

Well, lost in that series of farewells and well-wishing to free agents leaving for greener pastures is the fact that the LA Rams has drafted, signed undrafted rookies, and developed them to take over, assume larger roles, become that next-in-line guy who can handle the role that awaits him. Even in that picture of personnel pipeline feeding the Rams roster, there’s something about the feel of LA Rams inside linebacker Ernest Jones that seems to be more, so much more…

He played and started in his rookie season for the LA Rams, that itself is quite the feat.  Layer on the fact that in his rookie season, he played for the NFL Champions, an achievement that has eluded many Pro bowl veterans of many years NFL experience, so in some ways, he has been blessed beyond his own understanding.

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