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By Bret StuterRamblinFan

Do you believe in second chances? A mulligan in the real world? The LA Rams seem to be believers. After the team had an impromptu punting competition before the 2021 NFL season got underway between veteran punter Johnny Hekker and newcomer Corey Bojorquez, it appeared that Bojorquez had won the right to start for the LA Rams, particularly in a spectacular punting display in the final preseason game that was textbook perfect.

Days later? The LA Rams reportedly negotiated salary concessions from Hekker and subsequently traded Bojorquez to the Green Bay Packers for next to nothing. The LA Rams proceeded to a 12-5 season, and then went on a four-game winning streak to win Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium. In the process, long-time veteran punter Johnny Hekker earned his Super Bowl ring with the LA Rams.

But that was then, this is now. Now, the LA Rams needed to save money, and squeezing $2 million out of the punter position seems like a good option for the Rams this year.

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