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If you look at the Rams’ current salary cap situation, it appears bleak. They’re $21.6 million over the cap right now and have several starters hitting free agency. But there are ways for them to create space, which they must do by the start of the new league year on March 16.

Restructuring is an obvious way to free up some money, but Rams GM Les Snead doesn’t see a lot of opportunities to tweak players’ contracts.

“There’s not a lot of restructuring,” Snead said this week. “We have some highly paid players and there’s a few that we can maybe renegotiate or redo. But if you look at our team, there’s a lot of players that probably couldn’t necessarily be restructured to help us. That’s why we have to definitely rely on – ironically, based on everything that’s been said this year – the draft. The draft is very, very important to us.”

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