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by Bret Stuter | Rambin Fan

Winning Super Bowl LVI has given the LA Rams a bit of respectability among NFL analysts and players. While that credibility did not help the team re-sign OLB Von Miller, it has been part of the intrigue that led both WR Allen Robinson and ILB Bobby Wagner to sign with the team.

So far, contracts that have been signed are fairly team-friendly.  That is, much of the compensation is shifted into future years, where the salary cap is expected to grow substantially. Until then, the Rams have added some substantial talent to their already impressive roster.

But is there room for one more? Perhaps more?  That is the current Rams rumor, and while it makes sense in the grand scheme of the team’s roster, fit, and need, the source is far less credible than say.. @RapSheet or @AdamSchefter.

But a FanSided Podcaster by the name of Shaad McGinnis is suggesting that the LA Rams have come a’calling on Honey Badger, DB Tyrann Mathieu. And that same Rams rumor suggests that there is mutual interest.

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