Cameron DaSilva | Rams Wire

The Rams’ offense is broken. That became very clear on Sunday in their 16-13 loss to the Buccaneers, a game they should’ve won fairly easily thanks to a strong defensive performance.

But unfortunately, the offense laid an egg again and was even lucky to score 13 points with how poorly they played. It was truly one of the worst offensive performances the Rams have had in the last decade. They had as many punts (9) as they had first downs (9) and looking at their drive chart is torturous.

It’s so bad that even Jeff Fisher’s Rams teams never had a performance this bad when it comes to first downs, punts and total yards. Let’s dive into the numbers, which is a bit like diving into a pool with no water.

Jeff Fisher’s offense never had a performance this bad

Going all the way back to 2012, there have only been 18 games in the NFL where a team had nine or fewer first downs, nine or more punts and 210 or fewer yards. The Rams’ performance on Sunday is one of them, picking up nine first downs, punting nine times and gaining only 206 yards against the Bucs.

In Fisher’s tenure from 2012 to 2016, the Rams never had a single game with nine or more punts, nine or fewer first downs and 210 or fewer yards. They had some paltry performances, but never one with those statistics.

Dating back to 2000, this was the Rams’ fourth game with numbers that bad: 2006 against the Panthers, 2008 against the Eagles and 2010 against the 49ers.

Rams went three-and-out on 8 of 12 possessions

The Rams had 12 legitimate possessions that didn’t include the end of the first half kneel-down and the final play with 9 seconds left. On eight of those drives, the offense went three-and-out, failing to pick up a single first down. That’s simply unacceptable and a sign of the offense’s ineptitude at this point in the season.

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