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Tutu Atwell

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Cameron DaSilva – RamsWire

Aside from a handful of players, the Los Angeles Rams didn’t get a whole lot out of their rookie class in 2021. Ernest Jones was the biggest contributor at linebacker, but the Rams’ top pick, Tutu Atwell, didn’t touch the ball on offense. Jacob Harris didn’t, either, and both rookies suffered season-ending injuries after nine games played.

Heading into 2022, new offensive coordinator Liam Coen wants to maximize the return of those two players. He’s well aware of Atwell’s speed and knows that can be an asset on offense. It’s just a matter of keeping him healthy and finding where he fits best.

“Being able to watch his skill set and obviously, he can run,” Coen said on the “Rams Revealed” podcast. “He can really stretch the field and it’s about keeping him healthy at this point and trying to really maximize his potential and find out where he fits. What is his niche going to be within this system? And trying to really dive into his development over this offseason. Definitely an explosive player that we need to be able to get some mileage out of.”

The Rams tried to get Atwell involved on special teams, having him return 10 punts and five kickoffs. But he didn’t look particularly comfortable in either role, and as a second-round pick, the Rams need him to be more than a return specialist.

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