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There is much debate over which of the Los Angeles Rams big name free agents will be retained and how large of a salary they will command. But there is another tier of players who can offer value to the team and be re-signed for much less money, Restricted Free Agents (RFA). For 2022, LA has five RFA’s whose return to the team has yet to be decided.

What is an RFA?

A player with an expired contract and three accrued seasons in the NFL is tethered to his team through restricted free agency. If the Rams decide to keep their options open on a player who meets that criteria, they can choose to let him go and become a free agent or they can apply a tender offer. In either case, the player is free to negotiate with any team they choose and accept a deal.

Tender offers are assignments that give the Rams the option to match the offer, re-sign the player at a preset amount, or receive compensation if the let the player go. There are four categories of tenders and the re-signing amounts from are included.

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