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by Michael Cavallo | Ramblin’ Fan

The LA Rams roster restocks talent each season. As such, the team is a bit like a manufacturing plant, drafting and signing raw rookie talent, coaching them up over the course of training camp, perhaps even red-shirting them for a season or two, and then finally unleashing them into a rotational or starting role for the team.

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Because the LA Rams are so successful at finding diamonds in the rough and ultimately coaching those players up, the timetable over who will be ready and when they will be ready is a bit more of a mystery than the typical NFL team.

It is tough to predict exactly which Rams player will have a breakout season in 2022, but several players on the 90-man roster have the potential to have an impactful season. Of course, you have your perennial pro-bowl players, veterans like wide receiver Cooper Kupp, quarterback Matthew Stafford, or defensive lineman Aaron Donald, all of whom are expected to have yet again another stellar season.

But the players that I want to focus on are those players who have the potential to show huge improvement from last year. These players flew under the radar in the 2021 NFL season but flashed moments that indicated how close they may be to a fully contributing role for the team. These players lacked the opportunity to show their skills last year, but in this year’s training camp and by getting the attention of the coaching staff, might be able to show the league their potential in the 2022 season.

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