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By Kenneth Arthur | TurfShowTimes | Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

If we ranked every wide receiver by how much they would return in a trade or on a contract, where would Kupp land?

Cooper Kupp won the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year award in 2021. Kupp received one vote for MVP, which is one more than most players who have ever played the position in the NFL. He had 22 more catches than second-place Davante Adams, 331 more yards than second-place Justin Jefferson, and two more touchdowns than second-place Mike Evans.

So if NFL general managers got together and privately ranked which wide receivers they most coveted at that given time — age, athleticism, health, current contract details, production, character, football IQ, toughness, everything — where would Cooper Kupp fall on the list?

If the answer isn’t number one, then why isn’t it number one?

Should Kupp rank ahead of Ja’Marr Chase, even though Chase was expected to be an NFL star and then immediately exceeded expectations and plays on a rookie deal?

Should Kupp rank ahead of Jefferson for the same reasons?

Should Kupp rank ahead of Adams, who was traded for a first and second round pick, then signed a deal that pays him $60 million in the first three years with the Raiders?

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