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Cameron DaSilva – RamsWire

But on Saturday night, he and the Rams made a move that may have made fans angrier than ever. They shipped Robert Woods to the Titans for a sixth-round pick … in 2023.

Seriously. The Rams only got a sixth-round pick next year in return for their second-leading receiver since the 2017 season – a player who has two 1,000-yard seasons and 367 catches in five years with the Rams.

It outraged passionate fans on Twitter, with just about everyone questioning how the Rams didn’t get more for Woods.

There are a couple of reasons the return was so low. For starters, Woods will be 30 in April, so he’s not exactly young, especially by wide receiver standards. Secondly, he’s coming off a torn ACL, which he suffered in November. And lastly, he has cap hits of more than $15 million in each of the next four years.

That makes him an expensive, aging, injured receiver.

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