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by Gary Boutwell – LA Rams News | @RamsFansForum |

There is no doubt WR Odell Beckham Jr., was a vital piece of the Rams’ Super Bowl run in 2021. During the 2021 playoffs, OBJ had 19 receptions, 236 receiving yards, and one touchdown. In Super Bowl LVI, OBJ was well on his way to having a big game… and the Rams had game-planned for that exact scenario with OBJ catching the first touchdown in the game.

Then in the second quarter of Super Bowl LVI, he reached for what would have been his third catch of the game, it appeared his left foot dug into the turf at the edge of the NFL logo painted at midfield. Beckham immediately grabbed his left knee in apparent pain and tumbled to the turf. His teammates, concerned about the possibility of a non-contact injury, encircled him, and one member of the Rams medical staff patted his right leg to console him.

The Rams have made it clear they want to resign OBJ and have apparently made an offer but perhaps not enough to meet the contract terms Beckham is looking for. Last week on Twitter, Beckham hinted that the Rams have not made him what he considers to be a respectable contract offer. He said he has made it clear that he wants to return to the Super Bowl champions but that he β€œcan’t play for free.” That is a clear indication that Beckham feels the Rams are lowballing him. Though, he also insisted he is not taking it personally.

While OBJ continues to rehab his surgically repaired knee, the Rams signed former Bears receiver Allen Robinson II to a three-year, $46.5 million deal on March 17, which paved the way for the team to trade veteran receiver Robert Woods to the Titans. Is Beckham seeking a similar deal? If so, seems highly doubtful the Rams are willing to comply.

After his release from the Browns, the Rams signed Beckham to a deal worth up to $4.25 million. Beckham received a $500K signing bonus, $750K salary and up to $3 million in team-based incentives. During this process, the Rams also expressed concern about the condition of the knee after his first ACL tear. Given the uncertainty of the condition of his knee and the projected rehab timeline, a contract similar to his 2011 seems reasonable and would fit well with the Rams’ current cap space.

The Rams are reportedly working on contract extensions for Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp. Is this what’s holding up OBJ from resigning with the Rams? Are the Rams more concerned about the knee than we are aware? At this point, no one other than Rams brass knows the answers to those questions. All indications are OBJ won’t be ready to play until November or December and with the current WR depth, resigning OBJ seems more like a luxury than a vital piece. The Rams are smart in taking a very cautious approach. Despite the advances in ACL reconstruction techniques, there is still a significant risk of further injury.

Whatever the outcome, I don’t see OBJ signing with the Rams anytime soon.

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