Skyler Carlin | Rams Wire

“Aaron Donald Watch” is in full effect for the Los Angeles Rams this offseason as the All-Pro defensive tackle remains undecided on continuing his career in the NFL. Amid conversations between Donald and the organization, Cooper Kupp appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” to speak about Donald’s potential return to the Rams in 2022.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what those odds are or what the likelihood is (of Donald returning). But I’ve been in contact with him and we can clear up that I obviously don’t need to tell him that I want him back,” Kupp said. “I don’t need to tell him, ‘Hey, it would help us a ton, help me a ton, and it would be great for us if the best defensive player maybe in history came and played again this season.’ So he doesn’t need to hear that. He’s got his career, he’s got his family, he’s got stuff that he needs to take care of, and make a decision for himself. I would obviously love to have him back and being able to play with him has been an incredible honor.”

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