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by Bret Stuter | Ramblin Fan

The LA Rams host the Buffalo Bills for the opening game which signifies the start of the 2022 NFL season. And this one is a whopper. The LA Rams are the reigning Super Bowl Champions, and the Buffalo Bills are the odds-on preseason favorite to claim that title this year.

Of course, the Buffalo Bills are hard to root against, as the team has been one of the best ever in NFL history to never hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Their shutout in Super Bowl contests is 0-4.

But that does not mean that the LA Rams should knuckle under to help out a pal. The LA Rams have had a taste of NFL Championship success, and the team is a bit addicted to it. And as far as streaks go, the LA Rams have a streak of their own to consider. The team has not lost a season opener under head coach Sean McVay and has no plans to do so this season.

Bills vs. LA Rams Odds Week 1

According to FanDuel, the Buffalo Bills remain a 2.5-point favorite in the opener. The Bills’ moneyline is at -126 while the Rams are the underdogs at +108.

The over/under for the game is set at 51.5.

You can find the Bills vs. Rams injury report here.

Bills vs. LA Rams: Prediction Week 1

It’s tough to ignore the fact that veteran free agent outside linebacker Von Miller followed the money, signing with the Buffalo Bills after just a partial season with the LA Rams. He joins a league-leading defense and propelled casual NFL fans and pundits to line up to sing the praises of the Bills. But don’t be lured into disaster.

The LA Rams are a hearty bet as a home underdog, particularly over the past two seasons. In ten games where the Rams were considered the underdog, the team emerges as the victor six times. In the strategy of setting odds to make the outcome a 50/50 proposition, the Rams’ 60 percent success factor is a pretty good track record.

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