by Bret Stuter | Ramblin’ Fan

Yes, the LA Rams’ defense is pretty good. Yes, the LA Rams’ defense is way out of practice over the need to come in late for a game and protect a lead, Right now, the Rams’ secondary has been getting an unusual amount of attention over their insistence on playing so soft in coverage. While I am not one who has chimed in on the topic, I can’t ignore the topic when the best NFL Analyst in the business, Brian Baldinger, calls out the Rams secondary for playing so deep at a time when the Rams needed to force the Buccaneers to exhaust the 40+ seconds remaining on the clock.

Here’s his take:

After the Rams offense punted the ball back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from deep in their own territory, the Bucs took over at their own 40-yard line, down by four points, with no timeouts and just 44 seconds on the clock. Defensively, you know that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady would be throwing. Optimally, Brady’s targets were in: End zone, sidelines, first down, and incompletion, in that order.

The first pass to tight end Cade Otton was mystifying to me. Otton ran past DB Jalen Ramsey as though Ramsey expected help beyond his position at 10 yards deep, but safety Taylor Rapp was playing 40 yards downfield. Otton caught the seam pass for 28 yards, and no defender was closer than 10 yards to him. I’m not sure why Rapp played so deep, but that allowed nearly 30 yards of offense in one play, with minimal time lost.

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