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Just about every time a team wins a Super Bowl like the Los Angeles Rams, there’s always talk about their vast potential in the years ahead. Dynasty is always thrown around annually regarding the most recent team to raise the Lombardi over their heads.

In recent years, NFL fans haven’t seen anything close to a dynasty besides the dominance arising from those heathens in the New England area. These dynastic talks have largely been empty following recent Super Bowl champions including the ‘13 Seahawks (“Don’t throw it from the one!”), ‘17 Eagles and ‘19 Chiefs (to be determined as long as Mahomes’ family doesn’t ruin it). I think we also remember how the Packers with Aaron Rodgers was gonna be a dynasty right? How did that work out?

Sportscasters love to stir the pot, which is why they’ll say the most outlandish things humanly possible. Sometimes, they’re dead wrong, much like everything Skip Bayless says. Other times, there could be some truth to their madness. LA fans are hoping what Colin Cowherd had to say on The Herd earlier this week will come to fruition. Before you start groaning, I have my issues with Cowherd too but let’s hear him out first.

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