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Aaron Donald

With the Los Angeles Rams talking to Aaron Donald about a new contract, most people have assumed that the all-world defensive tackle will be back on the field in 2022. That’s not entirely true, however.

Despite negotiating an extension with the Rams, Donald is still undecided on whether he’s going to play next season or retire from the NFL. After winning his first Super Bowl last month, Donald is considering walking away at the peak of his career.

There’s also another option. Donald could take a season or two off and return after stepping away for a little while. That’s what he told Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated for an excellent feature story on Donald’s future.

For now, he’s considering all options. He doesn’t rule out leaving football for a season or two and coming back, the way that Jordan did. He also doesn’t dismiss playing for multiple seasons.

If he does return, Donald wants what he asked Kroenke for at the parade. The Rams must re-sign critical players like Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. They must be positioned to make another run. More than anything, Donald says, McVay must be his coach. That seems likely, and in a private moment after the parade, he told McVay, “I was here before you and couldn’t get the job done. We need you. You can’t leave.”

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