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7 players that make complete sense for LA Rams to extend quickly

Right now, the LA Rams have no money to spend, whether on free agency or simply to give a player a $100 Christmas bonus. But even as you read this, the front office is working feverishly to free up cash for the team.  That cash can be used very effectively in the Rams’ free agency efforts to extend key players on expiring contracts. So the organization is focused upon freeing up that cash.

Right now, indications are that the team will have new contracts in place for QB Mathew Stafford and DL Aaron Donald before the start of the new NFL year, which is less than two weeks away. I also anticipate the announcement of offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth soon as well. That should put the Rams into salary cap surplus territory.

So who should the LA Rams extend right out of the gate?  Well, ask two LA Rams fans right now, and you will get three opinions. Not only that, but we’ve gotten to the point where disagreement triggers the infamous cancel culture mechanisms. The goal here is not to align everyone’s opinion, but rather to pull those opinions out of the emotional knee-jerk reactions, and enter a more objective, and fundamental cost-analysis thought process.  What do we mean? Let’s examine our first free agent so you see what I mean.

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